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Link Azure KeyVault to Azure Pipelines, via Variable Groups

When using Azure DevOps you will likely need to use secrets within your Pipeline. There are a number of ways in order to this. For example, you can define Secure Pipeline variables: However, particularly where you may be using the same secrets in a number of areas across your eco-system – e.g. References in ARM […]

Error when running Docker on Windows after install [Fixed]

If you have installed Docker Desktop on Windows you may come across the following error: If you try to start or restart the service, you may see an error window appear, similar to this: You may wish to Reset to factory defaults but this will likely not resolve the problem for you. What you may […]

Entity Framework Core Migrations, in Azure DevOps

If you want to automate Migrations to your database, and who wouldn’t want to, there are a couple of things and some potential issues you’ll need to consider. The first thing is, you want to be able to prepare your migrations as part of your build process, however, you will ideally prefer to apply these […]

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