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Entity Framework Core Migrations, in Azure DevOps

If you want to automate Migrations to your database, and who wouldn’t want to, there are a couple of things and some potential issues you’ll need to consider. The first thing is, you want to be able to prepare your migrations as part of your build process, however, you will ideally prefer to apply these […]

DevSecOps in Azure Pipelines, using Snyk

Have you ever been responsible for developing and releasing code, but before releasing, you would like to test the code for CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)? There are a number of tools on the market from WhiteSource, SonarQube and Black Duck to name a few. In this article, however, I’d like to talk through implementing […]

Sending Logs to Azure Sentinel, for Intelligent Security Analysis

Recently I lead a team to introduce new infrastructure on Microsoft Azure to service tens of thousands of citizens as part of the Coronavirus response. This meant that the infrastructure would be scaled up and out significantly to meet the demand. As with all platforms, it’s essential to have appropriate monitoring and assessment of performance, […]

Host a Static Website on Azure CDN

You can enable Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) to cache content from a static website that is hosted in an Azure storage account. You can use Azure CDN to configure the custom domain endpoint for your static website, provision custom TLS/SSL certificates, and configure custom rewrite rules. Configuring Azure CDN results in additional charges, but provides consistent low latencies […]

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