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Secret Scanning – Protecting your code in Azure DevOps

It’s not just the integrity of data that’s at stake. It’s the financial and performance repercussions of a compromised resource that often gets ignored! When submitting code, ESPECIALLY when it’s public with X number of people watching the Repository, we don’t want code to contain secrets, passwords, API Keys, or anything that might compromise the […]

Link Azure KeyVault to Azure Pipelines, via Variable Groups

When using Azure DevOps you will likely need to use secrets within your Pipeline. There are a number of ways in order to this. For example, you can define Secure Pipeline variables: However, particularly where you may be using the same secrets in a number of areas across your eco-system – e.g. References in ARM […]

Error when running Docker on Windows after install [Fixed]

If you have installed Docker Desktop on Windows you may come across the following error: If you try to start or restart the service, you may see an error window appear, similar to this: You may wish to Reset to factory defaults but this will likely not resolve the problem for you. What you may […]

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